Best Seller Bundle (3 Pack)

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Treat yourself to the trifecta of Pitsy deodorants with the Best Seller Bundle! Get all three top-selling scents—Rose, Santal & Coconut, and Dark Sea—and enjoy effortless, all-day freshness from these trusty stink-fighters. Trust us, you won't regret it!


Dark Sea

Santal & Coconut

Rose Petal

Customer Reviews

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Smooth as butter

As a brand designer I had to buy these beautiful packaged natural deodorants. I bought the 3-pack and they are super smooth! All 3 smell great. They don’t last all day for me but I just switched from Hume deodorant so I’m sure it will take a little while for my body to adjust. I did notice a rash which I’ve never gotten from natural deodorants but I’m going to keep using to make sure it wasn’t anything else that made my arm pits angry. I do feel like they are small for the price. We also purchased Hey Humans a target natural deodorant which states it’s 2oz just like Pitsy but Pitsy is much smaller in height and circumference so not sure these are actually 2oz given the comparison with another deodorant which is the same push up packaging. I would like to see the price point lower for the amount of deodorant we are getting. I likely won’t buy these again, unfortunately, but did want to at least try them.

Appreciate you order and and review so much! Because of our dedication to sustainability and high quality ingredients, the price is the way it is for now! But hopefully as we scale, we will bring that amount down. Thank you for your articulate and well thought out response. Pitsy sees you Gabie!

Jason Crow
Great Deodorant

All the fragrances are great, truly great deodorant.

Phoenix Skeahan
Sticks to share!

Loved all three fragrances and they made great gifts for friends! Dark Sea was my favorite with great undertones and rose is a literal walking bouquet 🌹

Very Successful Gift

Amazing products! Beautiful, natural, refreshing scents. The coconut was a definite favourite. Highly recommend. Lasts all day / night. Will definitely buy again. Thank you for creating! xo

Cassandra G
Effective and pleasant

Effective deodorants without the harmful ingredients. The scents are subtle and natural. I also enjoy the style of the push up container.